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When it comes to quality curb appeal, nothing beats the power of new siding. Replacing your home’s siding can add value, as well as protecting your home from the elements. But it also comes with many questions about materials and costs. When you’re looking for straightforward help that you can trust, you need Built Right Roofing & Constructions. As Rapid City’s top siding installer, you can count on us to help create a home exterior that you will love for years to come.

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Siding For Every Style

When you are looking to customize your home to your particular tastes, you want a siding contractor who can truly handle it all. At Built Right, our team is comprised of siding experts who can work with your personal checklist of needs to get you the exterior you’ve always dreamed of. We specialize in installing James Hardie fiber cement siding, giving you the best of durability and aesthetics.

11 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Siding

Your home’s siding serves not only as a protective shield but also as a significant aesthetic element. Over time, siding can deteriorate due to exposure to the elements, pests, and general wear and tear. Recognizing the signs that indicate the need for new siding is crucial for maintaining your home’s integrity and curb appeal.

1. Visible Damage:

The most apparent sign is visible damage. Cracks, holes, warping, buckling, fading, or peeling paint are clear indicators that your siding needs attention. These issues compromise your home’s protection and aesthetics.

2. High Energy Bills:

If your energy bills have spiked, damaged siding might be the cause. Drafts through deteriorating siding make it difficult to maintain indoor temperatures, increasing heating and cooling costs. Investing in new, energy-efficient siding can lead to long-term savings.

3. Water Damage:

Interior water stains, rotting, soft spots, and mold growth are red flags of water infiltration due to siding problems. Address these issues promptly to prevent further damage and health hazards.

4. Pest Infestations:

Damaged or gapped siding provides pests like termites and rodents easy access to your home. If you suspect an infestation or find evidence of it, it’s time to consider replacing the damaged siding.

5. Increased Maintenance:

Frequent repairs and maintenance are a hassle and can add up over time. If you’re constantly addressing siding issues, it might be more cost-effective to install new siding.

6. Crumbling Material:

If your siding material is deteriorating, splintering, or crumbling, it’s time for a replacement. Old and weak siding can’t provide adequate protection.

7. Fungus or Mold:

Mold and fungus growth on the siding surface is a sign of underlying moisture problems. Replace the siding and address the moisture issue to maintain a healthy living environment.

8. Outdated Appearance:

Sometimes, it’s not just about functionality but aesthetics. If your siding looks outdated, updating it can give your home a fresh, modern look.

9. Decreased Property Value:

Poor siding can reduce your home’s value and curb appeal. Replacing it can enhance your property’s worth and attract potential buyers when you decide to sell.

10. Structural Instability:

In severe cases, deteriorating siding can threaten your home’s structural integrity. Safety should be a priority, so replace the siding promptly.

11. Noise and Drafts:

Noisy interiors and drafts may be due to old or damaged siding. Upgrading to new siding can restore peace and comfort in your home.

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Our expert team is here to help you improve your home without any of the hassle. Leave the exterior renovations to us, and you won’t have to worry about all the details and headaches.

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We will gather all the necessary details and present you with the best repair plan for your approval. This is where you can have fun exploring materials and colors!

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Our certified crews will show up early and work hard while maintaining the highest quality and cleanliness standards.

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Our Quality Control tech will take a final check to ensure our standards are met and we will promptly provide you with closing information and documents.

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Visualize the Transformation

One of the hardest parts of starting a home improvement project is feeling confident in the choices that you are making for your home. At Built Right, we make it simple with our 3D visualizer tool. This allows you to try on different colors, styles, and textures before committing to the real thing. It’s all a part of our promise to make caring for your home exterior simpler than ever!

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Are you fully licensed and insured?

Yes, our team has all necessary contracting licenses, and we’re fully insured and bonded.

Are you a local roofing contractor?

We are based in Rapid City, South Dakota and service all of South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska

We value to communities we serve and donate to various local charities throughout our service area. If you would like to inquire about donations and sponsorships from us, please contact our office.

What areas do you service?

Our headquarters is located in downtown Rapid City. We serve Rapid City, Sturgis, Spearfish, Belle Fourche, Custer, Hot Springs, Deadwood, Pierre, Mitchell, Sioux Falls; Gilette, Sundance, and Laramie Wyoming; Dickinson, Bismarck North Dakota; Alliance, Scottsbluff Nebraska and all areas in between.

Is my project covered under warranty?

Yes! We honor all product warranties from each manufacturer, and we include workmanship warranties that cover our labor. If an issue ever arises because of a fault in our labor, we’ll always come out right away and make it right.

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