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I have a hail claim, do you work with my insurance?

Yes. Our insurance team will handle all of the insurance claim paperwork for you. If additional work needs to be added to your scope, our team will communicate with your adjuster for approval and provide you weekly updates on your supplement status.

 How long will it take to replace my roof? 

Timing varies based on a variety of factors. You can call the office anytime to get a start date for your project. If this date shifts, our staff will notify you. Typically we can replace an entire roof in 1 day. 

Can I upgrade my roofing materials when filing a claim?

Yes, if you have an approved claim, you can choose whichever materials you want— they don’t have to be the same as you already had. We help you choose roofing materials that fit within your insurance coverage so that you don’t have to pay anything outside of your deductible. 

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes. We will come out and personally inspect your roof, siding, and gutters. After the inspection, we will discuss your options with you. We value our community and only want the best for our clients, friends, and families, so we will work together with you to find the best approach for all involved.

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